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  • CPMS Kano, Nigeria
  • CPMS Lagos, Nigeria
  • CPMS Accra, Ghana
  • CPMS South Africa

Amarula 2012 Activations

Airport Activations

Travellers from different walks of life heading to various countries around the globe were encouraged to experience the exotic creamy richness of Amarula at the departure lounge of the Muritala Mohammed Airport. These activations were targeted at peak travel seasons and spanned a total of 91 days generating recognition and a major increase in sales for all bottle variants.

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Consumer Engagement

A series of sampling activities were held across 12 key Nigerian cities located in the West, East, South and South – South regions of the country. Activations were managed in high traffic Supermarkets on Saturdays and bars during heavy evening patronage on Fridays. Running for 15 weeks with over 3,000 consumers sampled and recorded sales figures exceeding targets set. This was the fifth year running with little ATL being used the brand share grown year on year significantly.

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Amarula Fun Nite Parties

To recognise and reward consumers during a sampling programme. Karaoke themed fun parties were organised in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Calabar. Winners who came emerged in the Karaoke contest and rewarded with TVs, phones and plenty of Amarula product.