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Avon Justine Road Show

One of the world’s leading cosmetic companies, Avon Justine, take part in an annual road show around South Africa. This road show is called the President’s Club and Star Awards. The countries top managers and achievers are invited to the events, to be rewarded for their efforts and services they offer to Avon Justine.

The road show is a two month long event and is held in approximately 12 cities around South Africa. These cities range from large cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town, right down to the smaller towns such as Witbank and Klerksdorp. Attendance varies with each event. You can expect an attendance of 50 for the smaller towns/cities and up to 600 delegates in the bigger cities.

There are numerous teams or individuals who travel around the country to ensure the road show is a great success. These include AV teams, Photographers, MC and entertainers as well as the Event Team that put the events together. An Audio & Visual team travel around the country to create the perfect setup in each venue. Setting up of stages, screens and sound equipment are to be done at each venue before the event begins. Photographers are brought in to capture the great moments which take place throughout the road show.

Entertainment, as mentioned before, comes in the form of South Africa’s famous and well-known singers and entertainers. Some of the names that have seen up on stage are Ed Jordan (Singer & Presenter) and Emanuel Castis (Jersey Boys cast & Egoli), Paul Buckby & Craig Urbani to name a few.
One of our longest standing clients, two months, 25 events, 12 Cities, over 4000 delegates….. Is just a walk in the park!